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This organization was founded

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with the intention of increasing enrolment in post-secondary institutions. Having experienced great difficulty in adapting to the University environment while lacking mentors, the founders (currently students at York and UofT) decided online casino to establish a medium that would pair high-school students with those in university. In addition to academic help, every package comes complimentary with a tailored syllabus as well as expert advice on the realities of the transition. Every single tutor has been hand-picked through an extensive selection process and equipped with aids to ensure maximum satisfaction. Whether you decide to get started in grade nine or grade twelve, we treat every single student as our own and make it our personal goals to achieve yours.

Who are we?

What do we do?

We offer a free consulting session to analyze the student's abilities and then tailor a personalized syllabus to his/her needs.

Why choose us?

Not only do we have an array of highly skilled tutors but, each package is customized and tracked to ensure improvement in progress.


We are dedicated to providing quality service. When you sign up, you don’t just get a personal tutor, you get a mentor. Using our experiences in university, we’ve crafted a corporate culture that embodies the most efficient experience, taking advantage of all the perks that post-secondary life has to offer. Our carefully designed recruitment process only accepts mentors that are passionate about carving a direct path to your goals. Take advantage of our free consultation session and find out how we can help you achieve your personal and academic goals.

how to sign up.

Book a free consultation

Give us a call and set up a meeting to secure your very own tailored syllabus. No commitment necessary.

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Begin the journey to better grades

Select a package that is best suited to your requirements and begin the trek to your goals with your very own personal mentor.

choose your package.

Whether you’re looking to improve on an entire course or just brush up your skills on a certain topic, we have designed the perfect packages for all your needs.
  • Starter

  • $5Sessions
    • 1-2 Sessions/Week
    • 1 Hour Sessions
    • Customized Syllabus
    • All Subjects

  • Essential

  • $10Sessions
    • 4-5 Sessions/Week
    • 1 Hour Sessions
    • Customized Syllabus
    • All Subjects
    • Includes 1 free session

  • Extra-Help

  • $20Sessions
    • 4-5 Sessions/Week
    • 1-2 Hour Sessions
    • Customized Syllabus
    • All Subjects
    • Includes 3 free sessions

Tutoring at a
convenient location

All our services are mobile and can be requested online casino in-home or at a location of your choice in the York Region. For more information, book a free consultation and have your concerns put to ease.

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